How To Make The Most of Your Telemedicine Visit

Sheltering in place has accelerated the use of telemedicine, and I think it’s here to stay. Here are a few helpful tips to make your next virtual visit a great one.

Telemed Tips from Frisco Dermatologist Dornechia Carter, MD

  • Get the best internet connection you possibly can: camera phones and webcams tend to have better resolution than built-in computer cameras—IF you are on wi-fi. Find a reliable wi-fi connection.
  • Be dressed and ready to go. Unless you’re feeling ill, it’s probably best to not be laying in your bed in your PJs.
  • Find a location with good lighting. A patio or a well lit room are good; make sure the camera is back lit by a window (have to figure out how to phrase this better)
  • Prepare all documents ahead of time, including check-in paperwork, review of pharmacies, and have your skin care regimen ready to share or show—this includes lists of the products you use on your face.
  • Be aware that people around you may hear the conversation on your end, and it’s your responsibility to maintain privacy in that manner. If you are at work, you may want to find a private room. The doctor will be in a private area on our end.
  • Be prepared to show the dermatologist your areas of concern. You may need to enlist help from a trusted family member or friend for some areas. If you are uneasy showing an area on camera, consider making an in-person appointment.
  • Avoid distractions where you can: we understand children are around at times, but turn down the TV/radio.
  • If you are on your phone, remain stationary. No driving! (Nothing against multitasking, but this is UNSAFE! I will make you stop). Sit. Avoid pacing. This is for your safety, avoiding motion sickness (lol), and maintaining the best connection.
  • There are some things the doctor may still need you to come into the office for better evaluation, testing, or treatments.